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What’s Your Hair Type??!!

hair-types                                                              524261_333156283414188_291073130955837_943184_600180157_n

*Let me first start by saying these are not my pictures posted, just a visual aid to help you ladies have an idea of what your hair types is. 

Now, if you are natural or in the process of going natural you most likely have heard of numbers and letters that categorize your hair, known as hair types.  For informative purposes or just in case you haven’t, above are pictures that can help give you an idea of what category your hair falls in (once again, not my pictures above). These categorizations are not to determine which hair type is better than another. All hair types have advantages and disadvantages leaving neither of them better than another. It’s about how you work it!!! My hair is majority 4a/3c but I have two patches of 4b. Most naturals will find that they have more than one hair type in their head full of kinks, curls, and coils which makes each natural unique. So below is a picture of my natural kinks, curls, and coils in a wash n go.

549751_376500379086841_1120467212_n (1)

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