Say what, Say Who, Say Porosity??!!

Having trouble fighting frizzy hair and retaining moisture? So did I!!! Well, finding out about the porosity of your have can be a start to helping get rid of this problem. So, what is porosity??!!! Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture. There are three categories of porosity in which your hair can be categorized.

  •  normal porosity
  • low porosity
  • high porosity

Now I know you are probably thinking, how in the heck do I know which category I fall under and what does each category mean? There is a simple test that consist of taking some of your hair an putting it in a cup of water……….WAIT CHICK……don’t pull any of your hair out, your hair sheds enough to where you can just take a strand from your comb or brush.

  •  Normal porosity is when your hair accepts and retains moisture just fine (it would be great if everyone fell in this category), leaving you with not a lot of work to do when it comes to keeping your hair moisturized. Well of course you still have to moisturize but it doesn’t require as much work as someone with low porosity.When testing porosity , normal porosity hair sinks but it will do so at a slow rate. 
  • Low porosity is when your hair has a hard time accepting moisture in and letting moisture leave the hair. In the porosity test, low porosity hair will not sink after sitting in water for a long period of time.
  • High porosity however is when the hair has the ability to accept moisture in but as fast as that moisture comes in it leaves. This is the category my love curls fall into!!! I would cleanse my hair and use products to try to keep moisture but just no luck. Every morning I woke up my hair would feel a dry annoying mess.until I found out about a method and products that worked for me……….which came after many trials of products (good excuse to bring out my inner product junkie, hehehe)The trick for me was a great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, leave in, water based moisturizer, hair butter, and an oil. In the porosity test, this category of hair sinks fast.

886956_463491687054376_1144221973_o           <=    Dry Annoying Mess Hair!!!!!

1384118_565529946850549_265292514_n        <=       Stankin’ Good Moisturized Hair 

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